Marriage Symposium in Rio tomorrow

If it wasn’t bad enough that I still have a month to go before we fly to Rio de Janeiro, the city will host an international seminar on marriage rights tomorrow. Here’s a blurb from the program, (somewhat amusingly) translated from Portuguese with help from Google.

The Federal Court of the 2nd Region, the Federal Justice Cultural Center (CCJF), the Consulates General of the United States and Argentina in Rio de Janeiro and the office of Rep. Jean Wyllys (PSOL-RJ) boost on Friday, 13 July, from 9am, the international seminar “equal civil marriage, equal rights with the same names,” the headquarters of CCJF in Cinelandia.

Among the highlights of the program of the seminar will be Magna Lecture “Equal Marriage: a question of law”, which will be delivered by Minister Eugenio Raul Zaffaroni of the Supreme Court of Argentina. Zaffaroni is one of the most renowned lawyers in the world with over 20 law books published in Argentina and many others published elsewhere. Current vice president of the International Association of Penal Law and professor at the University of Buenos Aires, he is an honorary doctor of UERJ, Catholic University of Brasilia and dozens of universities from different countries. His theories are widely distributed in Brazil and has published several books in Portuguese, including those who had co-authored with Joseph Henry Pierangeli and Nilo Batista. Zaffaroni was also conventional federal constituency in 1994 and chairman of the drafting committee of the constitution of Buenos Aires in 1996 and currently chairs the committee responsible for the reform of the Argentine Criminal Code. During the political and social process that led to the legalization of civil marriage between same sex in the country, he wrote the sentence that could have been issued by the Supreme Court, declaring unconstitutional the prohibition of marriage to homosexuals, if Congress had not approved before the new law in 2010. The draft decision of the Minister was published in a book published in Argentina.

After the lecture Magna Zaffaroni, the seminar will continue with the panel “Equal Marriage: multidisciplinary perspectives”, in the presence of U.S. Dagmar Herzog, professor of history at the Center for Graduate Studies at the City University of New York (CUNY) . Also participating as speakers the coordinator of the Special Coordinator of the Sexual Diversity Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, Carlos Tufvesson; Prof. Dr. Socrates Nolasco (UFRJ), the / the judges / the federal Liliane Roriz Calmon and Guilherme da Gama, the federal judge Fernanda Duarte, and journalist Christina Grillo, the Folha de Sao Paulo.

The opening event will be made by the federal judge federal Helen Swan, chairman of the Federal Court of the 2nd Region, by Consul Alfred Boll, director of the section of political and economic issues of the American Consulate, the Consul General of Argentina in Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo Bertoldi, and by Rep. Jean Wyllys.

Wyllys is author and prime mover of a proposed constitutional amendment that seeks the legalization of civil marriage between same sex in Brazil.


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