Trans-woman and husband arrested in Zimbabwe

Update: The Association of Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe says this story was fabricated by the government of Robert Mugabe.

Police in Zimbabwe arresting a couple for illegally selling South African currency when they got a surprise: the wife was actually biologically male. According to news reports, she revealed this fact when the police summoned a female officer to perform a body search.

The reports of the arrest are written in dry and formal language, but it’s not hard to imagine how humiliated and scared this trans woman was during the arrest. From the Herald Online:

Detectives from CID Law and Order arrested Ability Chatira Mpofu (24) of Shurugwi and Blessing Chauke (28) of Chiredzi at Waverley Beerhall. Chauke was putting on a white skirt, female skin tight [leggings], earrings and a wig.

“Our officers tried to call a female officer to search Blessing Chauke who was dressed in all-female apparel,” he said.

Chauke then confessed that he was a man in female clothes before showing the detectives his male organs to prove his claims.

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