AfterMarriage awarded Alicia Patterson fellowship

The winners of the 2013 Alicia Patterson Foundation fellowship have just been formally announced, and I’m thrilled to say that I’m one of them. This grant funds the kind of in-depth reporting projects that are becoming increasingly more difficult to do with changes in the journalism business. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to keep working on this marriage reporting.

I’m still finetuning my reporting plans for this year, but I hope to report on the experience of refugees who go to South Africa seeking partnership benefits, the spillover impact of Nepal’s landmark 2008 Supreme Court ruling protecting LGBT rights, the growth of Taiwan’s marriage movement, and the international networks that have evolved around this issue.

I’m also honored that my project was selected alongside those proposed by such a talented group of journalists. The full list of projects, as well as more about the fellowship, is here. And thanks so much to everyone who contributed to making my work so far possible—it’s because of your help that I was able to compete for this grant.


2 thoughts on “AfterMarriage awarded Alicia Patterson fellowship

  1. Hi Lester. Congrats on this, you are indeed a great reporter and I’m sure your insights will somehow contribute to this important topic. Felicidades!

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