Uruguay’s House to vote today on Equal Marriage Bill

Uruguay’s House of Representatives is due to take up a bill to legalize gay marriage this afternoon. If I’m navigating the website right, the debate will be broadcast live here.

The bill’s supporters are confident it will pass. Mauricio Coitiño of the LGBT rights group Colectivo Ovejas Negras emailed me after the vote was scheduled, “We’ll surely be celebrating on Tuesday.”

Coitiño said the bill, which is backed by the ruling party, has the votes for passage in the House. The Senate isn’t likely to vote on the bill until the coming year, but he’s not worried about its fate in that chamber.

If it becomes law, Uruguay will be the second nation in the Americas to legalize same-sex marriage through congressional action.

The bill comes to a vote with support from even some politicians on the right. 

Deputy Anibal Gloodtofsky of the Partido Colorado told the AP, “The reality is that homosexual couples have existed for years, creating rights. We have to recognize those rights and bring the attention to this new version of marriage.”

The AP has a nice round-up (in Spanish) of the debate that led to today’s vote here.


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