Oaxacan lawmakers introduce marriage law on eve of court ruling

Today, the Supreme Court of Mexico could rule to strike down Oaxaca’s ban on same-sex marriage. But yesterday, lawmakers in the state government—Flavio Sosa Villavicencio and Pável López Gómez—introduced legislation to overturn it.

The LGBT rights group El Frente Oaxaqueño por el Respecto y Reconocimiento de la Diversidad Sexual denounced the measure as too little, too late. The proposal would only modify one article of the state’s civil code, not do enough to establish equal family rights. The group said in a statement:

The deputies that promote this project reveal a lack of commitment of the subject…. It is reprehensible to seek passage of this reform at this moment on the basis of a human rights discourse when an anti-discrimination bill was filed more than a year and a half ago, and it has not been approved.

A Supreme Court ruling is expected Wednesday afternoon, a week after the court was initially scheduled to decide the issue.

The full statement from El Frente Oaxaqueño:

Oportunismo político y matrimonio igualitario en Oaxaca


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