About that Mexican Supreme Court ruling…

The Oaxacan Front for the Respect and Recognition of Sexual Diversity had scheduled a roundtable in Oaxaca City Wednesday night to discuss a landmark ruling by the Mexican Supreme Court about whether couples could marry in the state.

But the court didn’t rule on Wednesday, even though it had put the case on its public calendar.

At the Oaxaca event, the main lawyer in the case, Alex Alí Méndez Díaz said he was hopeful this was a good sign. This case is actually one of three Oaxacan marriage cases pending before the court, and it is scheduled to rule on the second on December 5. If the cases are combined, it could mean an even more significant ruling is in the works.

That’s because it takes more than one ruling for the overturn a law in the Mexican system. (This is a little confusing for Americans, so stay with me.) If the court were to rule in the first case that the couple, Lizeth and Monteserrat, can marry, that would only affect them: Lizeth and Montserrat would be able to register their union, but no other same-sex couples could. But a similar ruling in a second case could trigger the process by which the law is changed for everyone. So if it allows two (or three) same-sex Oaxacan couples to marry, the state’s marriage statute could be on its way out for good.

The outcome is complicated, though, because yesterday was the last session for one of the justices, and a change in personnel could shake things up.

Of course, there could also be no special reason for the delay–the court had a couple other big cases on their docket for yesterday, and it could have simply decided it was more than one session could handle. We’ll just have to wait another week to find out.


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