Yucatán to legalize same-sex marriage?

After a last round of interviews with leaders of Colombia Diversa in Bogotá, I’ll fly to Mexico tomorrow. I’m starting in Quintana Roo (home of Cancún), which was the second jurisdiction in Mexico to legalize gay marriage. Now legislators in the neighboring state of Yucatán are hoping to follow suit.

The coordinator of the Partido de la Revolución Democrática in the state government, Bayardo Ojeda Marrufo, has announced that he will introduce a “universal marriage” bill on November 20 instead of the domestic partnership measure he originally proposed.

Though the PRD does not have as strong a presence in Yucatán as it does in Mexico City—where the party won passage of a gay marriage bill in 2009—Ojedo Marrufo said this week that he believes the party can build on its progressive history in Yucatán:

We were the first on the vote for women, we were the first on the subject of abortion, and, I believe, that it is time-—not having political overtones right now, not having electoral campaigns—now is the moment that we work on this subject.


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