Bogota’s “Councilman of the Family” flees Colombia fearing for his safety

Bogotá city Councilman Marco Fidel Ramírez—who calls himself the “Councilman of the Family”—put out a release on Friday saying he was leaving the country out of fear for his safety.

The dramatic departure comes after he presided over a hearing Thursday targeting LGBT programming on the city’s public television station, Canal Capital. He demanded the channel’s director, Hollman Morris, turn over a list of all its LGBT employees.

Morris refused, and the councilman came under some strong attacks from his colleagues, including from Angélica Lozano. In Friday’s statement, he implied that this was part of the reason he felt unsafe remaining in the country.

I have been heavily attacked by the very system of Capital News, and politically and religiously persecuted by the district administration, through several of its officials … which leads me to leave the country for protection of my integrity.

This reads to me more like a political stunt since he doesn’t mention any direct phyiscal threats. Nevertheless, Councilwoman Lozano put out a statement saying she “laments any threats” against Marco Fidel Ramírez.


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