Colombian priest considers suing church over gay wedding

Things are getting a little weird in Cartago.

This Colombia town made headlines earlier this month when a Catholic priest, Alberto Piedrahíta, celebrated a gay wedding, complete with filing the official paperwork registering the couple’s union.

Piedrahíta was immediately denounced by the bishop, Monseñor Alejandro Castaño, who released a statement saying that Piedrahíta was ordained in Canada, making his religious ceremonies in the area illegal. He should be considered a “vagabond priest, because he is not in communion with the Diocese of Cartago and therefore not allowed to celebrate,” the bishop said, according to El Pais. He also called on people to boycott any religious ceremonies Piedrahíta performs.

Piedrahíta subsequently told a local paper that he was now consulting with lawyers about the possibility of suing the Diocese of Cartago because “they have violated my human rights. I have also the right to work, the right to freedom of religion, [and] freedom of expression.”

This controversy comes as the country’s Senate is at work on gay marriage legislation, which the high court ordered it to pass by 2013.


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