Wear a v-neck, get biryani. Fierce biryani.

Herukh (second from right) giving away free biryani to (from left) Pang, Loh and Jerome Kugan at Fierce Curry House in Bangsar Utama. Picture from The Star Online.

The Fierce Curry House in Kuala Lumpur gave away 15 servings of free biryani to men wearing v-necks and “sling bags” in response to the Malaysian Education Ministry’s recent warning that these are telltale signs of gaydom, reports The Star Online.

“When the guidelines came out, we thought it was ridiculous. But instead of joining in the fray to condemn it, we thought it would be an interesting concept to give out free briyani meals to the first 15 men who walk in with a V-neck and a man-bag,” said Herukh Jeswant, who owns the restaurant along with his brother, Kubhaer. The brothers extended the offer to ten more customers after the first 15 portions were claimed.

The Education Ministry has since distanced itself from the guidelines.


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