Turkey rejects gay rights protections

Turkey’s ruling AKP party vetoed a proposal by two opposition parties to add LGBT protections to a declaration of “Fundamental Rights and Freedoms” currently being drafted. From the Hürriyet Daily News:

“It is the duty of a state to eliminate practices and legal rules which stem from cultural or societal prejudices which are based on the supremacy of a gender,” the proposal introduced by the CHP and the BDP on Sept. 11 said.

CHP’s İzmir deputy Rıza Türmen and the BDP’s Diyarbakır deputy Altan Tan asked for constitutional protection of gay rights along with the inclusion of notions of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” within the article covering protection equality among people.

“We don’t find it right to have an expression concerning gays in any part of the constitution,” the AKP’s Istanbul deputy Mustafa Şentop was quoted as saying in response to the proposal.

The only matter on which deputies from all four parties represented in the commission agreed upon during the Sept. 10 meeting was “constitutional protection for atheists.”


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