Zimbabwean arrests fabricated

Last week’s reports of the arrest of a trans woman and her husband in Zimbabwe was made up by the party of President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwean LGBT activists contend. The ruling Zanu PF party has been trying to stir up controversy over gay marriage as part of a political fight with the opposing Movement for Democratic Change over changes to the constitution.

Chesterfield Samba, the director of the Association of Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe, told Gay Star News:

Lately we have seen an increase of such stories in the state media which are designed to generate public outrage on LGBT issues. If “Chauke” was a trans-woman or gay guy we would know about him, and no one in Kadoma knows a person who goes by that name.

GALZ is aware of all trans individuals and their locations and most have relocated to South Africa. The issue of marriage is a just a convenient attempt to link it to what is happening at the moment in an outrageous way. It is an attempt to support the state agenda on whipping up emotions around the issue. There is a deliberate attempt to bring out the issue of marriage so that the public may voice their disapproval and in turn supporting Zanu PF’s agenda on the draft constitution.


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