Gay Marriage tempers Argentine church?

The church overplayed its hand in opposition to the gay marriage law in Argentina, and now is taking a softer approach to its current fight against changes to reforms of the civil code.

That, at least, is the opinion of Senator Marcelo Fuentes, who’s chairing the commission overseeing the reforms. The church is fighting proposals that would facilitate assisted reproduction and divorce. Following a hearing with the Catholic leadership, Fuentes told the Argentine newspaper Pagina/12 that he detected a gentler tone. This, he said, stemmed from the church’s

parliamentary defeat in the discussion of the equal marriage [law]. They mounted an effort of pressure and mobilization [that portrayed] those of us in favor of equal marriage… [as doing] the work of the devil. It was a medieval posture…. Today they come with a stance that is much more receptive to another point of view.

But journalist Washington Uranga suggests this is just a change in tone–not in the church’s underlying attitude. The new head of the Argentine church, Archbishop José María Arancedo, is more open to dialogue and more “cordial” than his predecessor, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Uranga writes, but that doesn’t mean that “the positions and presiding body are different from those Bergoglio championed in his time.”




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