Uruguay–2nd Latin American country to legalize gay marriage?

I guess we’re stopping in Uruguay!

We were going to pass through there on our trip from Rio to Buenos Aires. But now it has an interest al it’s own: Uruguay is poised to become the second Latin American country to grant full marriage rights to same-sex couples.

A commission of the House of Deputies began work on the bill this week, but it was introduced about a month ago with support of a majority of the members of parliament, and it’s backed by the ruling party, the Frente Amplio.

“The proposal has the endorsement and general support” of the FA bloc, said its sponsor, Sebastián Sabini at the time was introduced, according to a report by Agencia EFE, promising to “put an end to the situation of discrimination on the part of the Uruguayan state.

The House takes up the bill just a month after a court ruled that gay marriages performed abroad (like in the neighboring country of Argentina) must be recognized in Uruguay. But that would only entitle couples to the domestic partnership rights Uruguay has had on the books since 2007, which requires cohabitation of five years before a couple can register.

It looks like the law has a good chance of passage–a majority of parliament had signed onto the bill when it was introduced.


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